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Productive Ideas Using 3x5 Cards (pronounced: taskbar)

Welcome to TasqBar

Monday, January 30, 2006
I've discovered 3x5 cards as a way to simplify my life.

I am a technology junkie. My first computer based organizer (HP Portable in 1984, it crashed and I lost everything) led to PC's, PDA's and iPods. However, when I really need to get something done, I use 3x5 cards.

This blog is for other like-minded individuals. I will include links to other interesting 3x5 card sites and, more importantly, create and share ideas and downloads of my own.

Some of the ideas will include:

Using 3x5 cards in your car, home or office
Organizing the cards
Integrating technology like PDA's, iPod's and scanners
Using them as learning aids
Speciality cards for various professions or tasks
Using Google Earth with cards
Integrating with Outlook
Flashing cards
Fly tying cards
Plant cards
Beaming cards
Upgrading to 4x6 cards
Downgrading to business sized cards

I hope you find some of these ideas and downloads enlightening or useful.